Earth Is A Pretty Nice Planet

by Teresa Jennings

Sometimes when we're singing about Earth Day or about our planet in general, it just feels better to be light and cheery about it. "Earth Is A Pretty Nice Planet" seems to fill that need nicely. It's a 2-part song, actually a partner song, which means both parts are necessary. It follows the typical format in that part 1 goes first, then part 2, then both parts are sung together. In this case, the two parts take the D.S. back to the chorus (measure 13) for a rousing repeat before heading to the coda/ending. Both parts are fairly simple, but if you need to choose, give part 2 to your older students as it has the sixteenth note rhythms that are a little more challenging.

If you are using this for a performance, consider adding pictures – a slideshow, for example – that show some of the "pretty nice" things about our planet. This can include just about anything from scenic vistas, to a local park, to a favorite tree, or backyard. It could also include people (kids) interacting on the planet – loving it, using it, caring for it. And don't forget to include animals. They are definitely part of what makes Earth a pretty nice planet!

(Note: Interestingly, this song is one that really stuck with us after recording it. We've had many an earworm moment, including just whistling it. Good luck shaking it!)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.