It's A Racquet

by Tom & Lynn Crowell

Who doesn't like playing a racquet sport? Usually, people enjoy at least one of them. Yes, "racket" is the other acceptable spelling, but we went with racquet so the song wouldn't be confused with causing a racket. (Which ironically, racquet sports can.)

Racquet sports are on the rise, especially sports like pickleball. Most kids have probably played ping-pong or tennis (either the real deal or on a video game). However, some of the other racquet sports might not be familiar. (Lynn says she hadn't heard of some of them until high school physical education class.) We thought it would be fun to learn about them in song. Plus, it's another cross curricular opportunity. Score another one for music education!

If you use this song in performance or just in class, consider showing various types of racquets for sharing and learning. (Images are probably safest lest anyone be tempted to "use" a racquet in a school setting.)

The sounds that are made when hitting the ball/shuttlecock in the various sports are different. During the last part of the song, our sound effects captured a few of them. They're pretty fun. But if you'd prefer to have a version of the song that does not include them, we have provided an alternate recording which you will find at our web site.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.