Follow The Recipe

by Tom & Lynn Crowell

When Lynn was young, she remembers always "helping" her mom prepare food in the kitchen. She taught her about being careful when cooking. Together, they read through each step at least twice before completing them. Lynn's brother once attempted to make homemade brownies, but he mixed up the salt and sugar – YUCK! And now he's a chemistry professor (go figure)! This mishap may have been avoided if he had read through the recipe, got everything organized, and then followed it, one step at a time.

This cute little tune was written with young singers in mind. We kept the rhythms and melody simple and repetitive. Note that there is a one-bar meter change right before the chorus. It will seem more like a hold/fermata, so just have them look at you for nice cut-off and entrance cues.

If you want to make a cross curricular lesson, you can discuss how math plays an important role when figuring measurements. Bring some units of measurement to class with you so you have some visual aids. And if yours is a school that allows it, try actually making something that uses a recipe.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.