Hit The Ground Running

by Tom & Lynn Crowell

The dictionary.com definition of this phrase is to "seize an opportunity; begin at full speed." It also says that "the origin of this term is disputed. It may come from troops [with parachutes] being dropped into a combat zone, from stowaways jumping off a freight train as it nears the station, or from Pony Express riders avoiding delay when they changed mounts."

Jumping into a task with enthusiasm will lead to better results, and it will be a lot more fun! This song was written to encourage that energy, so make sure your students have a lot of vigor when singing it. No more procrastinating; get the assignment/chore done now. Also, by doing it now, there will be more free/fun time later. What a great message for the start of the year, or really any time!

The energetic rock style of the song is simple and contagious, and your kids will be singing it quickly once they hear our demo. Near the end, there is an optional second part to add to the excitement. If you use both, make sure they are sung with equal dynamics and power using strong leaders for both parts. (We did not create a separate rehearsal track in this case because part 2 is easily heard on the recording.)

Go ahead – Hit the ground running! - If anything makes you feel like moving, it's definitely that funky bass line during the second verse. You could add some simple steps like running during the choruses OR you could add some full-blown action to the whole piece! Our choreographer Melissa Schott has created some fun and easy-to-learn steps for your performers. Her video and teaching notes can be found on our web site. And as usual, she encourages you to adapt freely to suit your situation.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.