Ask A Question

by Tom & Lynn Crowell

As a child, I was the shy kid hiding behind my mom's legs. Lucky for me, my mom always had me ask people questions to help me get over this fear. In school, I was afraid to ask a question that would be irrelevant or absurd. I learned the hard way, and had points off tests simply because I didn't ask the question in my mind. As time went on, I gained more and more confidence, and asked questions to help me learn, and my grades reflected that. It's my hope that students will come out of their shells to ask questions. Chances are, other students will also gain additional knowledge from the question being asked and answered. Questions are powerful learning tools!

When teaching this high energy rock song, have your students listen to the drums, bass, and guitar to keep it propelling forward. Otherwise, when the big synth comes in during the chorus, your singers might start to drag. Communicate how you will conduct so they will know how to keep up with you. Remember to conduct smaller patterns if you want them to go faster. (Larger conducting patterns might slow your performers down.) - TC

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.