Red Plaid Flannel

by Teresa Jennings

Is there anything more cozy in the winter than flannel? Okay, maybe. But for our purposes, flannel is the winner. And not just ordinary flannel. Plaid flannel. Red plaid flannel. This folksy piece gives your singers a chance to croon about this perennial favorite in harmony. Though the second part is optional, it certainly does add a lot to the song, so we recommend trying to include it if you can. Even so, there is a unison version as well as a rehearsal track for learning it on our web site.

At the bridge, it goes from folk to a more gospel flavor in style, as you will hear. Our singers even gave it a little more reverence in the moment while the background "ooh's" added a slightly angelic feel.

At the coda, you'll note we have indicated the addition of claps at bar 30. These are also optional, but would add some movement and joy. Just like red plaid.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.