On This Memorial Day

by Teresa Jennings

Memorial Day is a difficult day for many people. But it is a day made more meaningful, perhaps more bearable, by our shared love and remembrance of those we've lost. In the case of this beautiful and poignant song, that shared experience is in honor of those who made the greatest sacrifice.

"On This Memorial Day" is meant to be sung with reverence and respect. The decorum of a performance could naturally include flags, images, and patriotic colors, though the message is self-evident.

The song was written to be performed as a 2-part piece, but the second part is optional. Thanks to the brass ensemble on the recording, the unison version also sounds quite full, easily learned by most students. If you wish to make the piece a musical moment, there are plenty of opportunities with dynamics and tempo changes. Using the recording is certainly a powerful way to present it, but it could also be done live with just piano accompaniment. Still, we have created several recorded versions for you to consider, all of which are available on our web site. These include a unison version, an a cappella version, a full version with piano only, and an accompaniment with piano only. Part 2 is also isolated for use as a tool when rehearsing.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.