We're On Our Way

by Teresa Jennings

Year ending, semester ending, season ending, or even just day or week ending – couldn't they all use a little theme song to help us move on our way? That's what this simple, easy, and repetitive little round hopes to provide. Set in a retro pop style complete with bari sax and electric guitars from back in the day, it has a rollicking groove that will leave everyone swaying goodbye while they're saying goodbye. (You may groan.)

As mentioned, it's a round. It's so short that we recorded it three times through, both parts singing throughout, starting in their respective entry measures. The words are so simple that we did not feel a lyric page was necessary. But just in case you were missing it:

Here we go, here we go.
We're on our way.

Yup. That's it. Well, except for the occasional "oh" and the ending: On our way! A rehearsal or two with the recording, and your kids will have it perfected in no time. Don't you just love instant gratification?

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.