Carry The Good

by Teresa Jennings

Sometimes over the last 33 years, we have chosen to end the year on a thoughtful note, so to speak. Given the difficult year that we have had here ourselves, it felt right to do it this time as well. It's not always easy to focus on what is good in our lives, but it's worth the effort.

The song, "Carry The Good" hopes to make the point that it's the good, the light, and the love that matter most. Even when we fear, we must try if we can.

We've chosen to feature a soloist (Claire Rollins) at the beginning and end of the song, but this is optional. Either way, at measure 13, all singers join in, including an optional second part, which stays in till the end. We have created both an alternate full (no solos) version and a rehearsal track for part 2 on our web site in case you find these helpful.

There are a few musical moments in this piece, including dynamic and tempo changes to be aware of. There is also a "no breath" mark (nb) going into measure 17. If you are able to do this, it makes for a beautiful lift, followed poetically by a decrescendo.

Our recording is quite nice, too. It features orchestral strings, winds, and an acoustic rhythm section. But the highlight is the solo violinist, Zach DePue, who sings out over and through the accompaniment, adding just enough emotion to the right moments. However, the piano accompaniment is not difficult, and could easily be used in lieu of the recording if you have a capable pianist.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.