Singing In The Shower Is So Much Fun

Elsie Huldeen/arr. Mike Wilson

Mike's tale - Several months ago, my daughter shared with our family a video of our six-year-old granddaughter, Elsie, dancing enthusiastically and singing a song in her dinosaur bathrobe. She had just finished a shower where she came up with the song she was singing. I thought it was cute and showed it to Teresa who said, "We need to publish this!" So here it is, Elsie's first published song titled appropriately, "Singing In The Shower Is So Much Fun."

It will be a very easy song for your youngest choirs. (Remember, Elsie herself is only six!) It only uses the notes Do, Re, and Mi. If you happen to be working on solfége, you could have the kids sing the Do's, Re's, and Mi's in their respective spots rather than the lyrics.

Of course, we jazzed things up with an energetic rhythm and brass arrangement. After the intro, we jump right in with a chorus, then to a break, during which it is suggested that your kids wriggle and giggle and act like they're scrubbing and taking a shower. There are also some optional handclaps indicated during the break if you'd like to add those. After two choruses and breaks we move to the "bring it home" bridge and final chorus. Handclaps happen under the bridge to the end on beats 2 and 4, except for the end of m. 28 where they have a double clap along with the tom-tom instead of singing "howler" again. They'll have to pay attention to your cue for this!

The key to the success of this presentation is energy. Turn it on full blast and stay that way for the entire song.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.