Car Choir

by Tom & Lynn Crowell

Who doesn't love belting out favorite tunes while riding in the car? Especially for us musical types, it's practically a given. And with summer right around the corner, that translates to road trips, which means even more singing in the car! (Though we have been known to celebrate a season or two with holiday songs on the go, as well.) Have you ever seen James Corden's segment of The Late Late Show, "Carpool Karaoke?" He would often have celebrities in the car sing out with him on camera. It's over-the-top fun. That's the spirit we're trying to capture with this song, and we think your students will really enjoy it. If they get excited and want to beep a bit more, that's totally fine – within reason! Ditto any bouncing, wiggling, jumping, or otherwise moving with the music. The verses go by fast, so encourage your car choir to enunciate well and add little bits of space between some words, with your direction.

Fun fact - We had no idea the winning cover of this year's cover contest would, in fact, be kids in a car, no doubt singing as they look at the musical constellations!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.