Groundhog, Don't Look Down

by Tom & Lynn Crowell

No one wants the groundhog to see its shadow (unless they are really into skiing or snowboarding). This song instructs, or more accurately, begs the groundhog to avoid looking at the ground so he won't see his shadow. Yes, shadows could also be on walls, but we didn't want the lyrics to get too detailed for your young singers. If our furry friend looks up to the horizon, maybe spring will come sooner!

Get ready to ROCK! This song features Sandy's guitar, Dane's drums, and Joey's screamin' trumpet. Sandy had a great time playing this and improvising parts. In the studio, he even did "the windmill" (which Pete Townshend is known to do)!

There's some boisterous chanting at the end, so be sure to bring your singers in with a nice, big cue. In fact, telling your students how you'll be conducting each section is always helpful. That could also lead to a lesson on how to conduct, if you wish. (Kids love to try conducting.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.