Handbell Reflections

by Karl Hitzemann

"Handbell Reflections" offers you a way to showcase your young handbell players. There is no singing in this one. Just handbells. And the tune uses the standard C diatonic scale, which means any similar type of instrument would work as well – xylophones, metallophones, deskbells, Boomwhackers® etc. You could include any variety of such instruments.

Part of what makes this tune so unique is the majestic recorded accompaniment. It features a piano, acoustic guitar, drums (including timpani), strings, and winds. Your players will feel like they are part of a real symphony orchestra. The real star in the accompaniment is the piano. So, if you have a piano player able to play the provided piano score, you could have a very special live performance. If you want to really play up the performance angle, have all of your handbell players dress in concert black and white. At the end of the piece, the final chord (C, E, G, and C') is played with a tremolo effect. This should be done gently, versus a more cacophonous style. You could include all eight notes if you wanted to, but again, it should be done gently, with a tasteful decrescendo.

To help with duplication, we have included the handbell part on our web site. The full score PDF is also available, as well as an accompaniment track that does not include a handbell guide. Also, since your players begin playing on beat one of the very first measure, there are four clear cymbal taps to help them know when to start.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.