Candy Cane (Oh, Candy Cane)

by Tom & Lynn Crowell

This whimsical song makes us think about what our favorite peppermint candies are feeling. Candy canes are all the rave during the holidays, but the round peppermints have their claim to fame the rest of the year. This simple tune aims to give them equal time lest either feel left out.

We really featured the electric bass in these cool grooves. Listen for the bass drops that lead into the chorus. The electric guitar is also featured, playing a funky disco style rhythm that really drives everything. Plus, the chimes and jingle bells make this holiday song sound festive!

You'll note that the style changes at the verse (measure 12) to a quasi-halftime feel. The same quarter note undercurrent still applies though, so students should be able to just keep singing along.

For a little extra zing, when students sing the word, "popular," make those "P's" pop!

There are claps recorded on both the full performance and accompaniment tracks during some sections. It's up to you if you want your students to clap along with them or not; they're completely optional.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.