Hurry, Santa!

by Teresa Jennings

You'd think by now Santa would know to keep an eye on the clock and the calendar. But sometimes we wonder if he's slowed down by too much milk and cookies. Considering the situation, that's not good. This pulsating song of urgency hopes to inspire Santa to hurry! First it reminds him of his very specific, one-of-a-kind duties and the consequences thereof. Then it lays out the process from taking off to going so fast he literally makes a sonic boom.

Your young singers will have a grand time with this, from the energy to the groove to the sound effects. There are a few places where they get to do some spoken solos, which are indicated on the music. Choose different kids for each one to give more chances for speaking. Our audio demo gives a good example of how it all works. You can almost see Santa shooting off into the sky when you hear it all! (It's probably no secret that we enjoyed finding and adding those sound effects – all the rockets, jets, sleds, and strategic sonic booms. Too fun.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.