Hot Cocoa

by John Riggio

The weather is turning colder and the holidays are approaching. Time for a nice hot cocoa! Of course we all know that hot cocoa is good any time of the year, especially when it's chilly outside. But it sure does enhance that seasonal joy, doesn't it? That means that this song would be perfect for a winter or holiday concert. And don't forget that December 13th is National Cocoa Day!

This tune has just a hint of Tom Bodett's "We'll Leave The Light On For You" vibe. And perhaps it's a bit reminiscent of Shakey's Pizza music when the tremolo piano kicks in on verse 2.

It's a soft-shoe, so it has a lilt to it. We've got Noodle Blocks (similar to sand blocks) on our recording adding to the soft-shoe style. The melody is easy to sing, though there is the odd accidental so singers will need to pay attention. To help with that, we've got Sandy Willams playing the melody on jazz electric guitar throughout. Additionally, to add a bit of humor (and make the lyrics rhyme), John has taken liberties with certain pronunciations – like "spacial" and "chok-oh-lot."

In performance, students could be all decked out for winter in sweaters, hats, boots, etc. And of course, they could all have a mug in hand to round out the look for this song. Just pretend it's filled with hot cocoa. At least until the after-party, that is. And don't forget the little marshmallows!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.