Monday, You Took Me By Surprise

by Karl Hitzemann

We all know that feeling when Friday rolls around. We say to ourselves, "Hooray, it's the weekend! Time for some much needed relaxation." But then, before you know it, without notice, it's Monday all over again. How does that happen?!

"Monday, You Took Me By Surprise" is a slightly bluesy, laid-back Latin tune that's fairly easy to sing. And to help you with the Monday blues, we've added a ukulele part. You can't be sad when you play or hear a ukulele! We kept the ukulele part simple, as well. You will find an extracted uke part on page 47 of this magazine and a downloadable version on our web site. If singing and playing at the same time is too difficult, consider having a group do the singing and another group do the ukulele playing. Note that there is a rhythmic pattern written out for your ukulele players, but if they'd like to be more creative, they can strum freely to the beat of the song. On the full performance track, we have a ukulele playing freely as an example. There are also several spots that call for specific strings to be plucked, but again, make the part as simple or complex as you'd like. The five chords used are – C, C6, C7, F, and G7.

The recorded accompaniment features a rhythm section with winds and strings. Make sure you give the song its proper big finish with the molto ritardando at the end. You have the option of doing a divisi with the vocals starting in measure 35. Your performers and audience will love the huge piano glissando that finishes the piece with a flourish.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.