I Like To Singo

by Mike Wilson

Ever notice how, when you sing a happy song, you don't think about your worries and cares? That's the idea behind "I Like To Singo." Songs can be sung for any purpose, for any reason, or none at all. You just feel better when you sing – fact of life.

This is a unison arrangement, easy enough for most groups. You'll want to put some energy behind the vocals, but don't just sing loudly. Keep it light and snappy. This takes more of a conscious effort in the verses as they are lower in range. Make it an actual discussion topic as you introduce this title to your kids. And feel free to write the word "ENERGY" on the music as a reminder. Luckily we have added claps on the offbeats of the choruses. This automatically creates energy. It also forces some body movement, which helps your students get into it a little more.

The bridge requires some dynamics. The first four bars should be a little softer but the second half should start at mezzo forte and crescendo into forte on the last note, leading back to verse three. Of course, bring it home with an extra boost on the final chorus and outro.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.