I Love To Smile

by Tom & Lynn Crowell

"I Love To Smile" is the perfect way to start your year, month, week, day, or any minute contained therein! Smiles are contagious, and they make you happier in an instant. Anyone who watches the news these days knows that there are bad things going on. What the news doesn't show much is that happiness is all over the place. People are often "paying it forward," and joy is being spread. Flashing a smile is the free way to do just that.

The melody in this upbeat tune is simple and easy to learn, not to mention catchy. Even young singers will have no trouble joining in, particularly if you use our stellar audio tracks on the Performance/Accompaniment recording. There is one small thing to note: In measure 19, half notes are shown in the music and are sung the first time through. However, quarter notes are sung the second time through on the words "starts with me." This gives it a little extra punch and just feels right.

Our choreographer, Melissa Schott, was inspired to create some happy steps to go along with this song. If you wish to join her, you can download her video and teaching notes at our web site. As always, she encourages you to alter and adapt her ideas however they work best for you.

If the song isn't sounding as exuberant as you like, maybe try having the students smile and laugh with each other for a minute, and then sing. Go ye forth and bring happiness to your school. Pass it on with a smile!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.