Garden Of Flags

by Teresa Jennings

Seeing all of the flags placed on the graves of military personnel each Memorial Day is a powerful and moving experience. We are thankful for those who served to protect our country and our freedoms. It is all-to-easy to go about our daily lives taking our freedom for granted. Memorial Day serves as a reminder to us all that our freedoms come at a heavy cost. This song honors those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

"Garden Of Flags" begins with a simple repeated F in the piano. The mood is solemn, and the piece subtly builds throughout. The accompaniment is beautifully orchestrated and features two solo trumpets, reminiscent of "Taps," a single military-style snare drum, occasional chimes, and eventually horns and lower brass layered in underneath. This provides a beautiful backdrop for your singers.

The vocal parts start at the pickup to measure 5 with a soloist. At pickups to measure 15, an additional soloist joins as a duet. While optional, we strongly encourage using soloists for both of these parts if you are able – the effect fits perfectly with the style and gravity of a song like this. At the pickups to measure 25, all vocalists now join in, as well as the third vocal part (also optional). Don't shy away from teaching this song because it has three parts. The parts all sing the same words and rhythms in hymnlike fashion, which will make it easier to learn.

As usual, we have provided extra MP3s: a full version without soloists, a unison version, and individual rehearsal tracks for both parts 2 and 3. These are available on our web site, free to subscribers.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.