Happy Mother's Day

by Teresa Jennings

Include all of your students in your Mother's Day celebration with this happy, upbeat song. Right out of the gate your singers will enjoy the fun folk rock vibe, and our great accompaniment of acoustic guitars, solo fiddle, and plucky banjo will keep the enthusiasm up throughout.

This unison song is easy to sing and is fairly repetitive, so even your youngest should have no problem joining in. For options, you could have small groups of students sing each verse and then all singers join in on the chorus. Or have all students sing the entire time. Do whatever works best for you. And for some extra styling, perform the scoops indicated on the music as our singers did on the recording. On the fourth time at bar 5, students can listen for the solo fiddle playing an octave higher signaling it's time to jump to the coda and wrap up the song. Simple movements, or even props such as large Mother's Day cards, could easily be added for a cute touch, and encourage your students to come up with even more things that they can do, say, and give to honor moms this Mother's Day. Well, and hopefully every day!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.