Surf's Up

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

The recorder feature in this issue is a tip of the hat to the beachy music of the early '60s. Play a video clip of The Beach Boys for your students (most students definitely will not know who they are). But perhaps you didn't know there were other "surf rock" bands that time is gradually forgetting. Here are several to look up and possibly expose your students to: The Surfaris, The Pyramids, The Centurians, The Ventures, and The Sentinels to name a few. Further, in the '90s, instrumental surf rock made a comeback with bands like Messer Chups, Man Or Astro-man?, and Los Straitjackets. All make for interesting listening and are great examples of the surf rock feel.

The parts in this piece provide great practice for the lower register (right hand) pitches D and E on the soprano recorder without being rhythmically complex. There are plenty of rests to help learn the piece and make readjustments. As preparation for playing the tune, have students practice reading and playing the larger melodic leaps in the song – from D to B in measure 12, and A to D in measure 13. Likewise, if you are utilizing the alto recorder part, practice the G to D leap at the beginning and the A to D leap going from measure 10 into measure 11.

This song includes a "Diving Deeper Into The Music" interactive learning assessment PDF.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.