Summer Sky Tonight

by Teresa Jennings/Mike Wilson

If your concert needs a contemplative slow down, "Summer Sky Tonight" can serve the purpose. The reflective text paints a peaceful, serene picture of a cool summer evening... silver moon, fireflies, the song of a whippoorwill, etc.

The voicing is unison making this ballad perfect for your younger choirs. However, the poetic lyrics also make it suitable to your older groups. The road map is straight forward: Two verses, a bridge, a third verse, and outro. Acoustic guitars, piano, a fretless bass, drums, percussion, and a string orchestra combine to set the mood for this arrangement. Written in the key of E major, the range is easy, allowing your choir to sing with a sense of calm, focusing on expression.

Though the dynamic is set at a mezzo-piano, you should allow a bit of ebb and flow that follows the rise and fall of the melody line. Encourage your choir to resist pushing as the melody descends, but rather, while maintaining support, simply allow their voices to "flow." Also make sure to avoid the use of vibrato. The key, again, is a very peaceful presentation.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.