Jam 224

by Norm Sands

Norm Sands throws some unusual wrinkles at us with his recorder tunes - not the least of which have been his titles. Always intriguing, it's sometimes been a challenge to figure out their "deeper meanings." This time, with a little help from Norm, we zeroed in on the "224 "part of it as meaning "B A G" on the telephone dial! (Oh, come on. Would you have figured that one out?) Concentrating solely on the notes B, A, and G for the recorder, the jam background will make your students feel like they're wailing with the tracks. The screaming guitar solo also helps define the attitude.

F.Y.I. - the gutteral male vocal sounds are not Norm, but rather, are our faithful engineer, Mike Wilson. For years he's worked with us and this is the first time we've ever let him get near a microphone... while it's on anyway!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.