Kindness Is Free

by Dan Thieman

There is no limit to how much kindness we can show. It's completely up to us. Helping others and being friendly is something we are all capable of, and this song reminds us of that positive message – there can never be too much kindness, and if you keep trying, you'll always be able to give more.

The song has an overall easygoing feel with a pleasant intro and outro on keyboard. The melody is quite singable and doesn't go above G. It should feel comfortable and natural for your singers. You may find that this tune easily gets stuck in your head, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Let it be a reminder to yourself to be kind, even when (or perhaps especially when?) you may not feel like it. True kindness has a positive effect on everyone.

(Note: This song includes sign language.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.