Music Is Always There

by Paul & Teresa Jennings

For the recorder feature in this issue, we bring you a new version of one of our very best! This time we're adding soprano and alto recorder parts to the exciting finale of our very popular musical revue, We're Making Music! from Music K-8 magazine, Vol. 16, No. 3. "Music Is Always There" is in the key of G (which is great for recorders), though the players have no sharps or flats on their parts. We were able to design the setting so that the notes they play are appropriate to young players of both soprano and alto recorders in their first year.

While the technical demands of the notes and phrasing are pretty straightforward, the form set-up is more challenging. For many students, mapping through the D.S. al Coda back to the sign then to the Coda might be fairly complicated, but it's a good learning opportunity. Plus, once they get it, they will have a great sense of satisfaction playing along with the recorded tracks. One note though. You will see that the recorders have notes to play in the first few bars on their part. It's probably too difficult to know when to enter without a set-up, so it's okay to just let them enter later, like the third bar.

Speaking of the tracks, this piece was originally recorded with vocalists, and you can use that recording along with your recorder players. Or you can use the accompaniment version and let the recorder players become the focal point. Either way will work. You will find a piano/vocal/recorder score, a student (vocal) part (in case you do want to sing it, too), and a full (no vocals) version online at our web site.

(Note: This song includes a Diving Deeper Into The Music learning assessment PDF.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.