Sing And Ring!

by Karl Hitzemann

Guess what you get to do in this piece? Sing and ring, of course! Well, actually, you can do any number of options you'd like. You could just ring and not sing. You could sing and not ring. You could sing and ring. Or, you could make up your own combination. For example, it would be really easy to add some rhythm band instruments to this piece. Rhythms sticks, shakers, tambourines, etc., would all work very nicely. Some are already included on the recorded tracks. If you do choose to go the non-singing route, you could always perform the handbells (and rhythm band instruments if you're adding them) to the full performance track if you'd like the recorded singing to be part of the ensemble.

At the core of the accompaniment is a string trio that includes a violin, viola, and cello, masterfully played by Zachary DePue, Mike Strauss, and Nancy Smith, respectively. Along with that, you'll hear a flute, a clarinet, a piano, an upright bass, congas, and various rhythm band instruments, as mentioned earlier. The song itself is very simple and most students should be able to sing it, even your youngest. And because it's short and repetitious, it probably won't take long to learn it. The vocal part is mostly unison. There are divisis at measures 21 and 45, but they are optional. You could just keep it unison throughout. To help your handbell players, we have included the extracted handbell part on our web site. There is also an accompaniment track that does not include a handbell guide.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.