As Fun As A Simile

by Karl Hitzemann

This song is all about similes and it will be as easy as pie for your singers to learn! (See what we did there?) But seriously, there is a lot packed into this clever little tune. The opening lyrics explain that a simile is a figure of speech and that learning about them is "as easy as A, B, C." Then, it begins listing one simile example after another. All together, there are over 20 similes in the lyrics. Of course, this is just the tip of the could do a fun lesson on seeing how many other similes you and your students can come up with. Be sure to share this piece with your classroom teachers for a cross curricular activity.

As it turns out, this song lends itself really well to the ukulele. There are only three chords needed to strum along (four, if you want to attempt the Db6 chord, near the beginning and end, which isn't all that difficult to play). We didn't record a uke on the track and there isn't a part written on the piano/vocal score in the magazine, but we are providing a separate uke part on our web site in case you wish to use it. Combine it with the singing, or make this a ukulele feature. Either way, it'll be as fun as a barrel of monkeys!

This song includes a Diving Deeper Into The Music interactive learning assessment.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.