We Are Here

by Teresa Jennings

It's not just a cliché, it's true: children are the future. So it matters now what they learn, how they grow, what inspires them, what motivates them, and how they feel about themselves. Recognizing their own power and voice is a pretty big deal. In this majestic finale, they are invited to make a musical statement of their assertion, an anthem, if you will.

From the outset, the song is 2-part, and while the second part is optional, it reinforces the energy very nicely. You can always ask older students to step in if you need some help. (You can find an isolated part 2 for rehearsing on our web site.)

Going into the bridge at bar 18, you will note that we suggest using chest voices and really belting out. This is where the song shows its anthem quality best, and the underlying halftime pulse belies it passionately. A key change follows with the addition of some basic patsching and/or stomping on every bar. The dynamic is indicated as fortissimo at bar 34 and it continues to the end. Make sure your audio is cranked way up so kids can feel the beat and let themselves get swept away in the emotion of their own performance. At the very end, they get to punctuate the song and the idea, yelling, "We are here!" Let them overdo it.

If you have the space and are inclined, you could even use this piece as a march or moving processional/recessional. Plus it would reinforce the whole notion of "forward," which is just where they are going. Again, keeping the recording loud will help them stay together as they move.

Though this piece is the finale of this revue, as with the other songs, it is not specifically tied to it except in topic and presentation, in this case as a closing piece. So, it can also be performed separately as you wish.

This song includes a "Diving Deeper Into The Music" learning assessment PDF.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.