The Library

by John Riggio

The library is a fascinating place, a literal storehouse of knowledge! And while it's admittedly easier to hop on the Internet to look up information, it's not always the safest or most credible space, and there is something special about a library, about the physical feel of books. Ironically, libraries also offer free access to the Internet! Far from obsolete, libraries help maintain history. Information is more stable there, whereas things on the web can change daily. And it's not just about facts, but there are great stories there, too. You can still check out books, videos, or audio books for free (assuming you return them on time), and while the card catalog may have been replaced with computers, it's very convenient to search out information at the library, whether in person or from home. There's a lot to like about the library, and this song speaks to that.

Set in an uptempo fusion style, the song has some challenging rhythms and intervals for some vocalists, but it sounds amazing once they learn it, so it's worth the effort. Since libraries contain a lot of literature, John wanted to make the lyrics alliterative – a nexus of knowledge, a storehouse of science, etc., as a way of describing the library. He initially came up with the song idea in support of Take Your Child To The Library Day, which is the first Saturday in February, but please don't feel limited by the holiday – using the library is a year-round thing!

In performance, you could use books as props, having all or some of your singers holding one as they sing. Singers could also dress up as their favorite character from a story, or even a bookmark. And if allowed, you could actually perform this song at the library!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.