Stories In The Snow

by Teresa Jennings

Have you ever stood outside in a peaceful snowy landscape and just looked at all the tracks around you? Evidence of life happening at some point earlier can be intriguing, possibly even mysterious. But one thing is certain: Every step leaves a story in the snow. At least for a little while.

The light, floating style of this lovely piece helps bring the poetry of the lyrics to life. The gentle Latin groove is punctuated by nylon guitar fills played oh-so-tastefully by Sandy Williams.

The song has two vocal parts, and while technically, part 2 is optional, it is so integral to the beauty, you will want to find a way to include it if you can. (Try getting help from older students, teachers, or even just you!) The weaving of the melody and harmony occur as call and response, duet, and even a round at one point – an old traditional round whose melody you may recognize. The whole thing builds and layers, and eventually comes to rest peacefully, ever so quietly at the end, fading away.

Besides the rehearsal tracks for both parts 1 and 2, we have created an isolated a cappella version of this as well, just so you can hear for yourself (and possibly be inspired by) how cool the vocal lines are together. You will find these on our web site.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.