Things You Put On A Christmas Tree

by John Riggio

This is a downright Christmassy song to use in your holiday program! The title says it all. What do you put on your Christmas tree? Clear lights? Multicolored lights? Plastic ornaments? Glass ornaments? Tinsel? Popcorn? Cranberries? Star Trek™ ornaments? Is your tree real or artificial? Options abound, but no matter how you decorate your tree, this song celebrates it!

It's simple to sing, though there is some syncopation in the melody that some may find challenging. But fear not! We've got a nice bell melody line in our accompaniment to help keep your singers on track. Jingle bells keep the pulse and add to the jolly feel, and pizzicato strings throughout give the song a festive lilt.

In performance, you could have an actual Christmas tree on stage, perhaps partly decorated. (You definitely want any lighting done ahead of time.) Save the easier stuff, like ornaments, for the show and let some students decorate while singing.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.