Hey, Winter

by Teresa Jennings

If you're looking for an "awww" factor for your winter performances, here you go. Your youngest singers will no doubt steal the show with cuteness as they make their demands for the season. Speaking directly to winter (as if winter can hear them...), they lay it all out there – they want snow! Otherwise, how can there be snowballs, and snow angels, and sledding, and building snowmen?

Very simple words, rhythms, and a fun melody will make this an easy song to learn, especially if you let your kids sing along with the recording. The accompaniment is slightly quirky, using a blend of real instruments and synthesizers, and it all adds up to the lightness of the topic.

In performance, have kids wear mittens, scarves, or hats as costumes. (Anything more would be too bulky and warm. Unless you're performing outdoors. In which case, go for the full display!) As they sing about the specific things they want to do, add a little pantomime action here and there. Remember, with young ones, it's not so much about precision, as effort. It will be a winner, however it goes.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.