Boomwhackers vs. Handbells!

by Karl Hitzemann

Since singing may not be possible for you at this time, we thought it would be a nice idea to have a song that featured Boomwhackers® and handbells. No singing required! What's more, for rehearsing and performing, your players can easily be socially distanced while they play along with the recorded accompaniment. Note that we have provided separate student parts for each instrument on pages 51 and 52.

"Boomwhackers® vs. Handbells" is a lighthearted, back-and-forth between the two instruments. Both use just the standard C diatonic scale, which means any similar type of instrument would work – xylophones, metallophones, deskbells, etc. Your players can have a lot of fun performing this piece by showing lots of excitement and exuberance when it is their time to play. Shining a spotlight on the group that is performing would be a neat touch for a live or recorded performance. At the end of the piece, consider letting your players create their own "applause" by randomly playing their notes to create a rollicking (but hopefully somewhat controlled) cacophony. You'll hear a great example of this on the full performance track.

And speaking of the performance track, you'll notice that it includes guide instruments for the Boomwhackers® and handbells (marimba and celeste, respectively). If you'd prefer to have nothing but your students featured for a performance, we have provided a track with no guides. It is on the recording (track 25). Note that in this case, you will not hear the "applause" afterwards.

One more thing worthy of mention – this tune would actually work nicely for ukuleles, too! Needing just the chords C, F, and G, it's a natural.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.