The Best Order For Jelly Beans

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

Would you believe we actually had a little disagreement in the studio when we recorded this song? And it wasn't with the kids! Apparently, some folks have strong opinions about jelly bean order. Who knew? In the interest of lighthearted fun and a possible trigger for lively discussion, we present "The Best Order For Jelly Beans." Why this order, you might ask? Well, in our opinion the best ones are the red ones because they're cherry. And sorry, you just don't get better than cherry in fruit candy flavors. So you eat those first. The last one is black, which is licorice, and not even fruit. And let's face it, once you eat licorice jelly beans, you can't even taste anything else! The ones in between are simply preference. (Honestly, if we pitched the pink and white ones, it would be okay with us...) Having said all this, feel free to adjust the order according to your own students' choices. You could even make it a classroom referendum that is democratically voted upon. How's that for cross curricular?

The song is a light swing tune, easy to sing, easy to remember, and definitely usable by youngsters. However, you will note that we have included an optional ukulele part that uses the chords C, F, and G. The suggested rhythms are marked on the music as well, and you will find an extracted part for this on page 22. This part allows you to use this silly song with older kids, too. In fact, you could use the tracks only with ukulele (no singing) and avoid the whole controversy thing entirely!

Of course, this song works well for an Easter program, but jelly beans are timeless, don't you agree?

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.