The Can Can Band Band (108bpm)

arr. Paul Jennings

It seems to be a perfect time to perform a song that lets students play a wide array of simple instruments including ukulele, Boomwhackers®, rhythm sticks, small triangle, and small drum or small bucket from a bucket band. And this arrangement is recorded so that you can use any or all of the instruments successfully.

Most player parts are fairly simple and selfexplanatory. (Parts are pages 44-45.) The one part that may need some help is the drum part. This can be a small frame drum, or a small "bucket" (which in some situations can be an upside-down can of institutional size or a small plastic pail or bucket.) It is meant to be played with sticks, on the top (head), on the rim, or on the side. The pattern played for most of the tune goes till bar 11, just before the endings. Here the movement stops for the descending diminished chords with a ratchet playing underneath. If you want a player to play the ratchet part, (even though it remains on all recorded tracks) please do.

You will notice that we have a slower version of the tune available online. You can either use this as your performance tempo, or use it to rehearse then speed it up as your players gain confidence.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.