Good Is Better

by Teresa Jennings

Time to bring it on home with this upbeat finale that is the culmination of all things, well... good! As with any ending piece, you'll want to crank up the music and the voices as best you can to let listeners feel the energy and closure of the whole revue. The simplicity of the lyrics allow them to belt it out as well. (The drums and power guitars don't hurt either.)

You may think it's obvious to say that good is better than bad, happy is better than sad, and peaceful is better than mad. But in a world where sometimes up seems to be down and down seems to be up, we feel pretty strongly about making sure the message is loud and clear for our young, impressionable charges. In this rock march, those sentiments are repeated with conviction, first in unison, then with an optional second part joining in. (You can find an isolated part 2 for rehearsing on our web site.) Moreover, we are all reminded to do something good, be someone good, and give something good to the world. (If you're interested, these are subjects we have touched on with other musical revues, such as Make A Difference; My Planet, Your Planet; Big World, Small World; From The Inside Out; and Positive, to name a few. And of course, there are many single songs that cover these topics as well. As mentioned earlier on page 71 under "Resources," you can hear excerpts from these and all of our other goodies at

At the coda, part 2 goes on to list several desirable results of good thinking – Good words. Good deeds. Good thoughts. Good choices. Good manners. Good life. Good works. Good heart. Good thinking – all of which make us feel good! We have singers repeat this section so that they have a chance to really hear and hopefully remember what they are saying as they sing. As we have often said, if only one child gets something good from this, we have succeeded. Of course, we hope that many will be impacted and use the messages well going forward in their lives. Feel free to discuss each good thing mentioned, if you have the opportunity.

Though this piece is the finale of this revue, as with the other songs, it is not specifically tied to it except in topic and presentation, in this case as a closing piece. So, it can also be performed separately as you wish.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.