Dare To Have A Dream

by Karl Hitzemann

Your choir is going to love the drum beat of this song – masterfully played by Dane Clark. It's very infectious, which makes it fun to sing. And the message is really quite simple: You've got to have a dream in order to make a dream come true. Of course, the concept of having a dream can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. One student might dream of a lofty career in the distant future. Another might dream of getting good grades as the school year comes to an end. And another might be simply dreaming of the upcoming weekend. Sometimes just having a simple dream to think about could be the thing that gets you through a difficult day. The point being, students should be encouraged to dream about all sorts of different things, and they should know that with hard work and determination, dreams, big and small, can come true.

This tune is fairly easy to learn and most kids will pick it up pretty quickly. It'd be a great song for the end of a school year, or for students who are going through a graduation ceremony. There is a second vocal part that begins in measure 14 on the repeat. It is optional, but it really adds to the performance. Actually, this piece is an ideal first 2-part opportunity for a young choir because the second part isn't too long or too difficult. On our web site, you will find an isolated part 2 rehearsal track that will help your choir learn that part.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.