Whacky Cow Town

by Teresa Jennings

Cows that say, "muh?" Sheep that say, "duh?" What is this madness? Or should we say, wackiness? And yet this super simple, repetitive, yet somehow unbelievably catchy tune is just that – wacky. Or more appropriately, "whacky." As in Boomwhackers®. Which is why it is a perfect way for you to capitalize on this unique type of recently popular song. You don't absolutely have to include BWs, but the title rather implies their usage, so whack 'em if you got 'em.

Besides the silly lyrics and memorable hook, there is one other option that might compel you to use this song: ukuleles. Not your usual strumming ukes either. This time, they actually need to be able to read and play written single notes. They're not that difficult, mind you, but combined with the banjo, guitars, and mandolins on the recording, they do sound awfully nifty.

There is a 4 tap set-up at the beginning of the recording to help BWs and ukes know when to start. We have also extracted parts for both of these groups and put them on our web site for you to download and print out as needed.

Vocally, you've got some choices when it comes to the critter sounds. You could have everyone just sing them as written. Or you could have a solo or soli group do the sounds, using the same group(s) or alternating them for the various iterations.

Consider whipping up a simple line dance (the tempo is perfect for this) for some or all of your performers. Maybe just do it during the choruses for more contrast with the wacky bits. Add some cowboy hats and bandanas, and you've got an instant crowd pleaser.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.