Quite A Quandary

by Teresa Jennings

There are actually only four lines to this song. And you would think that made it easy. But not so fast! This cross curricular gem is a challenge on more than one level. First, it's a bit of a tongue twister. Second, it goes through a tempo change on each repeat – accelerando for the first four bars, then a new, faster tempo at measure 5. By the time your singers get to the coda, they're really zipping along! Expect a few collisions and giggles along the way.

Besides being fun to sing, it's also a lesson in alliteration. That is, most of the words begin with the same letter or sound. In this case, it's the letter Q (obviously). And though the "tale" it tells is very odd, there's almost one in there. You could further consider this cross curricular in that it will take a bit of doing for students to read and learn some of the words. And if you go for memorizing them, that's just another feather in their educational caps.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.