Pass It To You

by Dan Thieman

With an upbeat, happy, and catchy sound, this song reminds us of the power of optimism. Life always seems to find ways to throw curveballs at us all. Some are small, and others are not so small. How we choose to think about these curveballs has a real impact on how well we deal with them. Positive thinking can also have a significant influence on those around us. Optimism is contagious!

The vocal style should generally be relaxed and natural sounding. The range is not too wide – G# down to B. The most challenging aspect for your singers will likely be the speed of some of the words. For instance, the triplet figures in measure 14. But with a little practice, these faster passages will soon become the most fun part of the song to sing. An emphasis on strong diction will also help these faster passages roll off the tongue a bit more easily.

Our studio singers enjoyed singing this song, as well as its message. We hope you and your singers do, too!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.