Honey Bee

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

Honey bees are fascinating little creatures. They have their own amazing world of colonies where they build nests of wax and produce honey, among other quite complex characteristics. When using this song, you could do a unit on bees, honey, or otherwise, making it a cross curricular activity. Or you could just sing about them. Especially since this is a tune for younger students, you may only want to go so deep.

But, because bees sting, there is the ongoing fear factor to deal with. So perhaps singing about them can help students get familiar and even comfortable with them.

This short, simple song won't take a lot to learn or remember. It has the same very easy words the first and third times through, with kids singing "bzz" syllables the second time through. Optionally, you could let them play kazoos at this point. If you do that, have them sing the syllable "doo" instead of "bzz."

While we did not record it this way, the third time through, you might consider a little early "part singing" by letting some "bzz" again (or play kazoos) while others sing the lyrics. Sing the song again and reverse roles to give everyone a chance to stand their ground with their own respective part. Go back to the lyrics for the ending, or keep them split to the final, "Bzz bzz!"

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.