Every Day Is Earth Day

by Teresa Jennings

If, when you listen to the recording of this song, you think it sounds different than the rest of the music associated with this issue, you're right! This was recorded 30 years ago for our very first issue of Music K-8 magazine. In fact, it was the first song in the first issue. As you can imagine, that makes it a sentimental favorite to us. But more than that, especially today, it is an anthem for our time – again. You see, when we first published it, we were celebrating the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, which began in April 1970. This year, 2020, Earth Day will be 50 years old.

If your school will be commemorating this very significant anniversary, consider using this song as part of it. As you hear, it is quite singable for kids, even as it splits into the optional parts at the end. And the lyrics share a message that could not be more important. It truly is up to us, as much now as it was then.

In this issue, you will find an extracted student part as well as a reproducible lyric page to share with your students. If you wish to see the piano/vocal score, you will find a downloadable version of it online, free to subscribers.

In case you're interested, this song was also the opening song of an entire musical revue by the same name, Every Day Is Earth Day. This and many other resources for Earth Day can be found on our web site at MusicK8.com Just click on Environment/Nature under "Topics" on our home page for the quickest access to a myriad of resources. (Also check out the "Resources For Spring Programming" on pages 72-73 in this issue.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.