U, Me

by Teresa Jennings

Friendship songs are always popular because, well, friends are always popular. Conveniently, they also happen to work quite nicely for your Valentine's Day celebrations, with or without your more pure card-candy-hearts-flowers repertoire.

Good in performance, or just in the classroom, this energetic pop rock tune will reinforce the importance – and fun – of good friends in a positive way. The beat is a little bit retro featuring a recurring solo guitar motif, an alternating eighth note/syncopated drum and bass line, and a standout tom groove during the bridge. The melody is quite catchy and mostly unison, with a couple of neat optional divisis.

To make it a touch more spirited, consider adding the optional claps. They start right at the beginning, so listen for the drums set-up as a cue. They pause briefly during the bridge at 13, then back in till the next time at the bridge, then full force till the end with a final "button" clap as they sing, "Yeah!" in the last measure.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.