Don't Trust A Groundhog

by Teresa Jennings

Whoever decided that a groundhog had any kind of precognition regarding the weather? Clearly his guess is as good as anyone's, yet year after year we ask him! What's up with that?

In this short and cute little song, your kids get to admonish the oblivious critter and follow it up with advice for anyone who will listen: Don't trust a groundhog when it comes to weather. There are also a couple of spoken solo spots which give your more outgoing performers an opportunity to step to the front for a moment. Let them ham it up if they're inclined. The final spoken plea is for everyone to shout.

Because the light pop groove is slow enough, basic enough, and in a great key for Boomwhackers®, we decided to let them join in the fun. They are optional, of course, and use the whole diatonic set C to C'. We have extracted a reproducible part to make reading easier for your players. You can find it on our web site.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.