January Jumpin'

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

January. It's a tough month for a lot of us. Cold, snowy, gray, cold, wet, sloppy, and did we mention cold? Fear not. We have the perfect antidote to those ol' winter blues – movement! Paul and Teresa have teamed up once again to provide a jazzy, lively, action-inspiring song that you can whip out on those blah days to energize your young'uns. It's all unison, except for a tiny optional divisi at the end, and quite singable. And of course, you'll be treated to a super duper swingin' big band on the Performance/Accompaniment recording. That ought to lift your spirits!

If you find this tune is useful for a winter performance, be sure to include a few obligatory costumes and/or props to set the tone. Winter coats might be a bit much indoors, but hats, earmuffs, gloves, mittens, and scarves would provide a decent visual effect. Props-wise, you could have a snow shovel or two leaning in the corner, a big January calendar hanging on the wall, or a rack filled with snow boots, to name a few.

Let us move, let us move, let us move! - If you're interested in adding a bit more zing to your singing, our choreographer, Melissa Schott, has come up with some nice dance moves that will allow your performers to shine. As always, she suggests that you use her ideas however you like, adapting or changing freely to taste. You will find information which includes a video and PDF tutorial on our web site for free.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.