Carolina In The Morning

arr. Mike Wilson

First published in 1922, this tune has such a hook that once you start singing it, you just can't stop. Adding to our barbershop-style collection, which includes "Daisy Bell" and "Fountain In The Park" (go to to search and listen to these), we've created this 3-part mixed version for your older choirs. However, it can also work as a 2-part or unison piece.

As this song is written as a shuffle, now is a good time to discuss or revisit the difference between a straight and swing "feel." Fire up your metronome and have the class clap a straight tempo until you say "swing," then see if they can make the change.

The road map is pretty straight ahead. You basically sing it through twice. However, the second time you will be adding a little variety by whistling the first two lines of part 1.

If you have lots of confidence in your choir, you might try singing this a cappella. We have included an a cappella version on our web site so you can hear how it sounds. Also included is a unison version and rehearsal tracks for part 2 and part 3.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.