It's Time To Wake Up!

by Karl Hitzemann

It's always great to have a song that is just plain fun to sing. "It's Time To Wake Up!," with its fast tempo, alarm clock sound effects, and frantic feel will probably resonate with students and adults alike. Who doesn't feel a shudder and a bit of panic when they hear an alarm going off? That's the basic idea with this light pop tune. The hope is that once your singers sing it a few times, they will be inspired to jump right out of bed every morning when that annoying alarm goes off. Well, that's the unrealistic hope anyway.

You can also have some fun by featuring one of your more goofy performers as the person hearing and reacting to the alarms going off. There is a bit of dialog at the beginning and end of the piece and you can add some fun, silly pantomime throughout the song, as well. The young morning-person-wanna-be could be dressed in PJs and peacefully sleeping in a sleeping bag when the song starts. Hopefully, we will all learn that getting up in the morning isn't as bad as it seems.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.