In December

by Teresa Jennings

Is it true? Do we actually feel better, act better, see the world in a better light during December? Perhaps. That's the question this song posits in a delightful, upbeat, dare we say, merry sort of way. For the sake of all of us, we hope that it's not only true, but contagious for the other eleven months of the year!

There are five brief, distinct sections of this song (which could be an interesting musical lesson if you're teaching or discussing form, comparison, and contrast). Each is unique melodically, but the chord progression is pretty much the same four bar pattern throughout, over and over. The styles alter a bit with each new section, going from light and bouncy to smooth to energetic and punchy, etc. There is also a section at measure 41 where it changes completely to a floating halftime groove that starts more quietly (subito mezzo forte) then builds nicely back into the chorus on the D.S.

All of this works best if you are able to use the optional multiple vocal parts, but it's still doable in unison as all parts are doubled in the background tracks on the Performance/Accompaniment recording. We have isolated part 2 and part 3 as rehearsal tracks and put them on our web site, You will also find a very cool a cappella version of the song there. If you have a chance to play it for your students, we think they would enjoy it. As always, we recommend inviting older students, even teachers or parents to join you on the optional parts if you wish to use them but need a little help. They are well worth the effort to make the song a more joyful experience.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.