Full Moon Risin'

by Teresa Jennings

While you might think that this bluesy rock tune is one for that spooky time of year, well, it could be. But not necessarily. The focus is actually on all of the different names we have for our one and only moon and how it appears to us when it is full. What an excellent cross curricular opportunity to learn more! A simple Internet search will yield many answers. Some of the reasons behind some of the names are fascinating. Some are seasonal and scientific, while others are more romantic, traditional, or based on lore. (As always, we recommend you do the preliminary searching yourself first lest you find results not suitable for youngsters.)

This song presents a few options for performance. The one we have chosen for our recording uses two soloists (Holly McDaniel and Abbey Clark) for each of the two verses. The "answers" to each segment are performed by parts 2 and 3, which are optional. All singers join in at the chorus at measure 29. You will note that our soloists took a few liberties, especially appropriate for the bluesy style. Invite yours to do the same bearing in mind that enunciation is still important for the various names.

We have created rehearsal tracks for parts 2 and 3 as well as a unison version, a version with just parts 2 and 3, and an a cappella version. You can find all of these on our web site.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.